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Providing support to individuals who are struggling with poor mental health and social isolation through the provision of one to one support in the community and within the home to reach out to those who are not engaging in the community as a result of mental health barriers. Building confidence and motivation through providing access to meaningful activities to build life skills and improve wellbeing, alongside art based group activities that promote self- help skills for depression and anxiety to build resilience, opportunities to learn new skills,  information about positive life choices to support health, and access to  information from partner agencies.   Provision of one to one sessions in a confidential space to clients who are ready to talk about their mental health. Provision of a variety of therapies but primarily techniques focus on an Humanistic or CBT approach, the most common tools to support Depression and Anxiety. Issues covered include Low Self Esteem, Low Confidence, Anger, Low Mood, etc.,  sessions typically run for 6 blocks but additional support is available on review.