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Financial Inclusion Project (North)

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Comprehensive financial support to individuals to review income and expenditure and discuss budgeting and priority debts.  Supporting the client to organise and establish a financial filing system to get true picture of weekly spend.  Identification of areas where  expenditure can be reduced through grants/schemes and sign posting to more affordable services.  Support to access grants to increase income and/or reduce expenditure.  Support to navigate available services and act as an advocate.  Set up payment plans to clear arrears.    Administration of the Welsh Church Fund grant to relieve poverty to eligible clients & reduce debts with high interest lenders.  Provision of financial crisis support for clients who are in crisis, we can undertake emergency appointments and apply for DAF, provide food vouchers or use WCF to alleviate the immediate crisis and provide further support to work with the client to try and avoid/reduce crisis happening again.