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Enterprise promotion and referral is centered around a  dual approach in ensuring a greater prospect of future sustainability. Firstly  for the individual groups themselves,  increasing the revenue that they secure and secondly helping more and more local people in Torfaen having access to these quality, value for money affordable services. This will allow the organisations to grow and reinvest  in their operations but also from a community wide perspective in ensuring  these low cost service are available to all within our county borough.

I assist in the set up of businesses and enterprises in Torfaen. I can help with business planning, marketing and promotion and tips on getting your ideas off the ground and with a sound base for you to be able to succeed in the longer term. I work closely with The Torfaen Centre for Business and the Torfaen Effect programme in order to provide a comprehensive business support package and welcome any enquiry from across the whole of the county borough.

Kathy Morgan (Kathys Power Snacks)
I was fortunate to meet Kathy Morgan on a chance visit for me to the Life station building in Trevethin. Kathy was attending an employability morning and I was there meeting another client who was also looking to start a new business in dog grooming! A few days earlier I had been made aware that the proprietor of a café facility in the Power station building where I was working was relinquishing the position. After an introduction and a short meeting Kathy had indicated that was her preferred route into employment. i.e. to look to run a café facility. I referred her to the Centre for Business but also carried on with the practical arrangements in inviting her down to see the premises and arranged a service level agreement to be drawn up and looked at prior to her formally looking to take over the business. Over the next 2 months Kathy’s Power Snacks, as it became to be known began to appear as a realistic outcome and I have provided a sign which will be erected in the building and brochure leaflets to be printed documenting her menu. Insurance and all the necessary paperwork have been covered and the café opened on the 1st September 2015. There will be an official launch of this business as hopefully it will impact not only on the buildings users but is intended as a facility for the whole community. It was a proud day for Kathy as she has worked hard to realise a dream, a dream that it has been great to be part of.

Kathys power snacks